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Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd is a Japanese auto manufacturer which is known for producing off-road vehicles and and high performance small vehicles. Daihatsu was founded in the year 1951 from Hatsudoki Siezo Co.Ltd. Which was founded way back in the year 1907, that makes it the oldest Japanese automaker, and has its headquarter at Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. This company manufactured a wide variety of vehicles including racing cars, three-wheeled trucks, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Daihatsu has also contributed in electric vehicles with the production of its “pavilion cars” for 1970 Osaka World Expo. The manufacturing of vehicles for various institutions and golf carts, like DBC-1, have been continued even after 1970 Osaka World Expo. An electric version of bike with gasoline 50 cc 2-stroke engine is also produced by Daihatsu under the label of 'Hallo'. Since its inception, the company has tried to create and deliver small cars with high performance and indeed , with its hard work, it is successful in its mission. Indus Motor Company Ltd. located at Karachi is the one and only dealer and distributor of Daihatsu automobiles in Pakistan as of April 2015. This sole dealer is handling all the sales for this brand in entire Pakistan and doing really well.

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