Honda Pakistan to Claim The Customer Base Back, 2016 Civic Priced Same as Current Civic

Honda Pakistan to Claim The Customer Base Back, 2016 Civic Priced Same as Current Civic

ISLAMABAD: The Honda enthusiasts across the globe are flexing their fingers, the moment they have laid eyes upon the brand new 2016 Honda Civic. In the compact sedan market, we can definitely expect a breathtaking butcher for other sedans for reasons both simple and fascinating. The whole world will be witnessing its indigenous American design, which is aesthetically astounding. Surpassing it predecessor in both power and efficiency, the 2016 Honda Civic boasts of the turbo engine that can spew 150 hp of sheer power and 203 Nm of torque, with a jaw-dropping fuel economy of approximately 20 kilometers per litre.

As per the little birds' whispers, the same 1.5 litre turbo engine is going to be introduced by Honda Atlas in the upcoming Civic which we can expect to see on the Pakistani roads in the September of 2016.

Honda has been hit hard earlier in the Pakistani market as its customer base grooved to the tunes of 11th generation Toyota Corolla which has been among the most successful compact sedans of Pakistani market so far. To get the throne back, Honda Atlas is planning to launch this upcoming Civic at the same price at which it gives away its ongoing model.

This strategic move by Honda is in sync with its new marketing concept, which says, “So Much More For Nothing More”, recited and introduced at the launch of 2015 Honda City.

It is going to be an interesting quest to see how things unravel when the curtains will be raised for all eyes to see this cradled baby of Honda. Will Honda be able to woo the customers it lost to Corolla and make them groove to the Civic song, or will it just turn out to be an unsung ballad as Corolla's tune is more upbeat overall?

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